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Chelsea win to get back to the top of the Women's Super League

Reported by: Albert Wilson - Dad's Assistant Journalist and Chief Child Correspondent

Chelsea have had a good start to this match. Lauren James had a good chance in the fifth minute, but it was a good slide tackle to block Lauren’s shot.

In the eighth minute Everton had a good chance. from the corner but Niamh Charles hit it away with a jumping header. In the fifteenth minute it was a fantastic ball into Charles, but she couldn’t keep it in Rieten had a good chance, but it was a good save by the goalkeeper then deflected by the Everton player.

In the twentieth minute Chelsea won a penalty, up steps Reiten and she scores! Chelsea 1 Everton 0.

Chelsea have been the most dominant team in the first thirty minutes. Chelsea had a good by the captain from the left she crossed it in but a good header to stop the attack. James had good ball and crossed it into the box, but the captain headed it wide Chelsea have a corner just before half time. crossed it, into the box but it went wide. Half time.

In the second half Everton kicked off. Everton had dominated this first five minutes of the second half. Lauren James had a good ball in the keeper came out Lauren got past the keeper. she crossed it into the box, but the defender herded it out. Everton had the first substitute off Madsen and on Emma Bissel. Substitute off Ryting and on Fran Kirby.

Chelsea have got another penalty up steps Rieten and she scores! Chelsea 2 Everton 0 Everton have got a free kick in a dangerous position they cross it in, and the Chelsea defender smacks it away.

Another substitute for Chelsea coming off Ramirez Rieten and Lauren James coming on Fishel and beaver jones. Chelsea have got another goal by the captain Cuthbert. Chelsea 3 Everton 0!

Chelsea has a corner Cuthbert is taken into the box Fishel headers it and it is a save by the keeper. Chelsea has a change coming off Cuthbert and coming on Cankovic.

Seven minutes added on the clock for added time. Nusken is through on goal she slides nut megs the keeper and it just went past the post.

Full time Chelsea 3 Everton 0.

Chelsea Line Up


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